MyWebRC Eye Copter

RC Helicopter With Camera



360ยบ Control and Video Camera

The MyWebRC Eye Copter is a 15″ in radio control helicopter with built-in video recording and photograph camera. It’s very easy to learn how to fly, it’s perfect for indoors and it can also be flown outdoors (with no wind/breeze). It comes with a helipad, mini sd card and usb charging cable to download videos and photographs to computer. Keep reading to learn more.



RC Eyecopter Heli Main


15″ inch radio control helicopter with built-in video recording and photograph camera



RC Video-Game.

The fun does not have to end once the toy runs out of batteries. The RC Eyecopter Helicopter includes a MyWebRC web-code!


Spare parts available.

Blades, buckles, balance-bars, and other parts are available for the RC Eyecopter Helicopter. Also enjoy our instructional videos on how-to service your Eyecopter.


Rechargeable battery.

The RC Eyecopter itself comes with an internal rechargeable li-po battery. Charging time is 30-45 minutes. The battery can be recharged by connecting the charger-cable to the helicopter.


USB-Charger Included.

Don’t worry about draining your remote’s/controller’s batteries. Utilize the usb-charger by connecting it to the usb-plug on your computer and once the rc helicopter is fully charged a light on the usb-charger will let you know you are ready for take-off.

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